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Located at the foothills of Periya Ivar Malai, the center serves as a immersive learning and experimental platform for young people. Given the economic, social and environmental crisis the world is facing today, creating sustainable solutions has become immininent. The more self-reliant we become, the more we would be contributing to the sustenance of the planetary resources. In tune with the UN's Sustainability Development Goals, the center integrates various aspects of sustainability including Sustainable Health, Self-Reliant Agriculture, Natural Buildings, Alternate Energy, Waste Management and Chemical free living.


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Focus Areas

- Eco construction
- Natural Farming
- Health through Ayurveda
- Zero Waste Living
- Waste Management
- Indian Ecological Worldview
- Sustainability Education


Immersion Programs

SIP is designed to empower young people with the principles of sustainability, knowledge, and skills to lead a self reliant and sustainable life. Insights on Indian sustainability practices coupled with experiential and hands on sessions will deepen the commitment of the participants to sustainability and enable them to take initiatives, inspire others and be a champion for sustainable development. We are members of SDSN Youth and some of our initiatives are supported by ESD ExperNet and Global Schools Program

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Field Visits

The Sustainability Field Visit and Exploration program is designed to give first-hand view of civil societies, local governance and individuals working in the areas of waste management, alternate energy, sutainable health, eco-construction and sustainable agriculture. These field visits can be extremely eye opening and transforming for many participants. International field visits to large scale projects too are a possibility.

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Sustainability Education

The ASAY program is delivered in the form of a workshop at various educational institutions. The aim of ASAY is to educate school and college students on the importance of responsible consumption through an immersive and experiential content. The program is a blend of lectures, discussions and hands-on group activities. The program is done in voluntary partnership with UN SDGs platform and supported by ESD Expernet and Global Schools Program.

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Prajna Cauvery

Program Director - Sustainability Initiatives

Prajna designs and develops curricula for the Sustainability Education programs that are offered to children and youth. An Electrical Engineer by education, Prajna is the Global Schools Ambassador at UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and part of ESD Expert Net at Engagement Global - Service für Entwicklungsinitiativen.

Garima Upreti

Research Fellow

With a Masters in Environmental Sciences, Garima is very passionate about the cause of the environment. Good at art from waste, Garima inspires young students to adopt a Low Waste lifestyle through her sessions on the SDGs. She also coordinates the local field visits.

Dr. Subrat Sahoo


ABB Corporate Research

UG Sugatha

Co-Founder, LEAPP India


Avani Varia

Artist | Heritage Art Professional, India


Mr. Ramesh Chandran

Founder Director

Bio Basics

Divya Rajput

India Lead - South Asia Connect, Texas IC2 Institute

President, Association of Women in Business

Nithin Kumar Namasivayam

Lead Volunteer
Masters student of Development Management, Madras School of Social Work

Aparna Krishna

Lead Volunteer
Associate software engineer, Robert Bosch

Shriraj Bhat

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Vaibhav Rathore

ASAY Volunteer
Founder - India Revamp Foundation

Recent Interns

Zerin Merin Shaji
Shilpa S
Abinesh A
Hemanth M
Nirmal Prasad
Samyukth S
Ragini KR
Sanchia Abernethy
Angel Krena
Govarthini Ravi
Akalya Sathyamoorthi
Vignesh Balbova
Vidya Kaliappan

Radhika Singhal

Associate at CMGGA - Chief Minister Good Governance Associates Programme

"This Immersion program has helped me adopt a healthy and whole lifestyle. It gives complete package of Indic as well as modern science approach of looking at sustainability."

Shubham Jain


"I began my 3 months long journey of “the self” with sustainability program. For me, it served as an amazing guided introduction to the Indian Knowledge systems and a conscious way of living. What we see in the outside world is just the manifestation of what transpires inside us. And both these aspects of sustainability were very well introduced in the program."


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