Sustainability Immersion Program

8 - 16 June, 2019

Applications Closed

     This unique Sustainability Immersion program, offered by Anaadi Foundation at the serene foothills of Aivarmalai, will empower young people with the principles of sustainability, knowledge, and skills to lead a self reliant and sustainable life. Insights on Indian sustainability practices coupled with experiential and hands on sessions will deepen the commitment of the participants to sustainability and enable them to take initiatives, inspire others and be a champion for sustainable development.

Yoga and Meditation will be woven into the fabric of this program.


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Focus Areas

- Psychology of Sustainability
- Natural Farming
- Health through Ayurveda
- Zero Waste Living
- Eco Architecture
- Waste Management
- Indian Ecological Worldview


When: 8 - 16 June, 2019
Where: Field Visits in Coimbatore and Palani Region
Duration: 9 Days
Batch Size: 40
Selection: Application ~ Interview ~fcfs

The Program

Learn from Experts

Fellows will get opportunities to interact with and learn from experts in the areas of sustainable architecture, agriculture, energy, businesses.

Experience Self-Reliance

Get a taste of self-reliant and eco-friendly living by personally engaging in sustainable practices. 30 Hrs of Hands-on: Organic Farming, earth-based construction, waste management and sustainable health

Co-Create Solutions

Work on real-world rural problems specific to the setting and draft local solutions. Get empowered with tools to take forward your inspiration to your networks.


Radhika Singhal
Associate at CMGGA - Chief Minister Good Governance Associates Programme
"This Immersion program has helped me adopt a healthy and whole lifestyle. It gives complete package of Indic as well as modern science approach of looking at sustainability."

Shubham Jain
"I began my 3 months long journey of “the self” with sustainability program. For me, it served as an amazing guided introduction to the Indian Knowledge systems and a conscious way of living. What we see in the outside world is just the manifestation of what transpires inside us. And both these aspects of sustainability were very well introduced in the program."

Garima Upreti
Environmentalist | Kurukshetra University
"The hands on experience I received through this program has improved my knowledge regarding sustainability. There were many other visits also during the program which helped me develop a more clear vision.No dumping was an eye opening visit for me. I witnessed such innovative ideas and solution which have the potential to reduce heaps of waste in cities, if implemented"


# Course Topics
1 Psychology of Sustainability
  • Developing a Vision for Sustainability
  • Self and Sustainability
  • Personal transformation for societal well being
2 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • History of Economic Development
  • Growth within Planetary Boundaries: Energy, Food, Population
  • SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
3 Organic Farming
  • Soil Quality and Preparation
  • Seed Preparation
  • Pest Management
  • Organic Fertilizers
4 Sustainable Health
  • Ayurvedic frameworks for health
  • Personalised diet
  • Home Remedies for common ailments
  • Medicinal Garden
  • Ayurvedic cooking
5 Renewable Energy
  • Global Energy Scenario
  • Renewable and Green Energy Installation Training
6 Eco-Architecture
  • Green Designs
  • Eco Friendly Construction Materials
    7 Sustainable Business Practices
    • Frameworks for Sustainable Business Decisions
    • Ethical Businesses and Sustainability
    8 Indian ecological Worldview
    • Indian Ecological Practices,Sacred Nature
    • Communities and Sustainability Best Practices
    • Nature in Indian Philosophy
    • Sacred Geography
    • Integrated Worldview
    • Relating to Nature - Worship, Care and ecological ethics
    • Pancha Maha Yajna
    9 Sustainable Agri Businesses
    • Organic-Food Sourcing
    • Creating Viable Businesses
    10 Yoga and Meditation
    • Self-Reflection
    • Self-Awareness
    • Yogic Postures and Breathing
    • Meditation


    # List
    1 Natural Dyes for fabric
    2 Ayurvedic cooking
    3 DIY Natural Personal care products
    4 Bamboo Basket weaving
    5 Earthen Made: Pottery
    6 Mud wall and Adobe brick making
    7 Natural plasters and pigments
    8 Preparation of bio fertilizers and pesticides for chemical free & natural farming

    Field Visits

    # List
    1 Visits to Organic Farms & Stores
    2 Coir based sustainable products
    3 Eco-enterprises and Green businesses
    4 Renewable energy systems (Wind & Solar)
    5 Waste Management Units and Municipal Landfill
    6 Biogas Units
    7 Eco construction sites - Natural buildings using traditional methods


    Admission to the program will be based on the Statement of Purpose and Motivation of the candidates. Candidates will also be interviewed on how they plan to utilize the learnings from the program and integrate it with their future work.

    Program Donation

    Rs. 11,000 per person. Donation covers Food, Shared dorm Accommodation, session charges, field visit and materials.
    Scholarships available for full time students or group of 4 or more registering from same organization/institution!

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